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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Crimes Against

Crimes Against are the more experimental side-project of Dublin punk rock band Sickboy. I've mentioned them in passing here before, but with a lot of activity on the Crimes Against front of late, a fresh mention is now warranted.

They've recently recorded a track titled 'Dropping In' which features Shaun Mulroony of Humanzi on guitars and vocals, and is a rather excellent punk song with a massive dose of adrenalin and strong shades of Joy Division, not just in Shaun's vocal style but in the propulsive rhythm section and a gritty overpowering bass line. A track well worth checking out, it is the precursor to a Crimes Against collaborative album which is being worked on at the moment which will also feature Neil Moore of The Things, The Mighty Steff and others, and with such a lineup, is looking like it will be quite a mouth watering prospect. It seem as though Crimes Against are about to overshadow Sickboy this year, which in my book would be no mean feat, given the quality of some of Sickboy's material to date.

Also well worth checking out is the video to 'Barb Wire', the sounds and images of an underground scene, with driving punk beats and an infectiously clanking bass line, inviting “come on feel barb wire, come on feel the wire.. on methadone", it doesn't shy away from the stains of the scene it represents here, and with some sparse rock guitar melodies descending into feedback towards the finish, for me it all makes for quite a compulsive listen. The album is due to be finished by the end of 2007, and from here looks like one well worth getting excited about.

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