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Thursday, March 29, 2007

No More Yesterdays

Growing an online presence on myspace quite rapidly over the past few months, No More Yesterdays is an uncompromisingly hardcore solo artist by the name of Chris Eaton from Ballymena in Northern Ireland. An artist who, not to be confused with the christian singer/songwriter of the same name, chose the moniker after an early gig saw a large turnout expecting to hear his namesake. On that particular night, his music must have been received like fingernail to a chalkboard, but I find it quite refreshing to encounter people like Chris pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable to the ear, exploring noise and experimenting with it.

Tracks currently available to download on his myspace include Skinner Box Experiment, The Cut Throat Manifesto, Line In and Line Out. No doubt, the tracks may change soon. I've been listening in the past week, and already a few have come and gone. Crossing the unavoidable terrain of drawing comparisons, lets just pitch his material at a condensed GSYBA delivered hardcore, brutalised and minimalist. I'd guess he would not appreciate the comparison however. This is an artist who apparently deleted his last profile without warning during a temper tantrum, so perhaps not one to be taken too fondly to another drawing lazy allusions on his work. Back to the material currently on offer, yes it's not for everyone, but it will appeal to many who appreciate a challenge. Is the listener the subject of his skinner box experiment? Perhaps. For those looking for an easy inroad, listen to Line Out, an ambient post-rock piece that doesn't draw you into the more characteristic abrasion of his work until its close. If you prefer to jump in the deep end, turn the speakers up to 11, stand at the far corner of the room, and brace yourself for the Skinner Box Experiment. How will you react? Well, that's the whole point of the experiment isn't it? More please.

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