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Monday, May 14, 2007


All the poets they studied rules of verse, and those ladies, they rolled their eyes...

Taking the name of the VU song, SWEET JANE formed in Dublin last Autumn as a side-project involving members from Dublin's MAINLINE and Cherrybombs DJ Lydia Des Dolles. Their material cannot be purchased as yet, but a few tracks are available to download from their myspace page, which is one well worth the visit.

As with MAINLINE, the sound is again quite psychedelic shoegaze, and again the influence of BRMC can be heard, particularly in track 'Take Me Home'. However, on the evidence so far, there seems to be quite a bit more going on with Sweet Jane, and not just due to Lydia and Danda sharing vocals from track to track. There's more of a retro rock n'roll vibe going on here as well. Track 'Black Boots Black Heart', a much softer affair, has VU style drumming driving it on, and a minimalist guitar melody to vocals which ache and ooze along rather superbly. Comparisons to some of the material to the Dream Syndicate here would not be out of place. However, a freshly uploaded track today titled 'Heartbreak', a more invigorating punk rock n'roll affair, noised up a notch not far from the sounds that the JAMC perfected over the past two decades, is pure honey to this listeners ears, and the choice track of the three. Although they've yet to start playing to the gigging public yet, their current plans are to have a launch night later this summer.

As a side-project which started out mainly as a bit of fun, they are currently not interested in selling any of the Sweet Jane material, though given all the positive feedback they are receiving at present, one would expect this to change. Meanwhile they are happily distributing EPs of their music free to those interested. Sweet.

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