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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Minus Circus - Shadow In Your Eye

Minus Circus is mainly Dublin's Gerry Scullion, and Shadow In Your Eye, brought to us late last year, has been playing on my mind a bit of late. It's probably unrelated, but it reminds me of an old fable I once heard back in my Christian Brother School days, told by one of the elder Brothers. It's quite an old tale I think. Anyway, he told of a girl with a shadow in her eye being taken as a test of parenthood towards the end of times, the eye marking a symbol of an armageddon clock stuck in poise. In the tale, the parents never give up, so the clock never moves on, and the world is saved, even if left a bit bemused to what it's all about. I'm not about to declare the end is nigh, but sometimes when it seems parallels in the real world are being acted out by fantasists, one wonders if the end of the sane world is, with our fantasist in this case getting wrapped up in the throes of his latest fiction in a fishing village in northern Morocco, or from there out across the wide sea, watching for something a parent would of course never do, stop searching. Any get-rich-quick punters out there anxious to chase up on the astronomical rewards being offered for solid information on a recent widely publicised kidnapping, please remember that this is all just based on the memory of an old tale, to which there is unlikely to be any substance to whatsoever. Still, that's a bit of my headgear, to which no-one listens.

As for Minus Circus in general, well, passionate alt-rock touching more often than not on acoustic delivery, with influences from U2, Wilco and The Blue Nile, they will and do appeal to many. The most surprising aspect about Minus Circus to date, is not that they are good at what they do, but that they have remained lesser than they ought. The song is streamable from their myspace, as it has been all year.

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