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Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Things - Wild Psychotic Sounds

Released just a few weeks ago, The Wild Psychotic Sounds EP of The Things bring us more Hammer Horror in the shape of The Damned and The Cramps and a lot of.. psychosis.. and rabid moods.. and angst-ridden adrenalin. The Things bring us some of the best punk Ireland has vomited since the 70s, and it would not be unfair to say they've trumped a lot of bands from that era at their own game. The Things were one of the first bands ever featured here on Frequency-Ireland, at which time there was talk of an album in the works. Well, that album is still in the works, now set for release this Autumn, but the EP now provides ample appetiser.

Available for download from their myspace at the moment is the effervescently deep and meaningfully titled 'la la la la la'. It's a lot better than the song title suggests. The Things are about entertainment. The Things are about theatre. The Things are about all that is important in rock'n roll and punk, and that piece of je ne sais whack horror-vision that sends your granny to the local parish priest worrying about what the youth of today are up to. Also available for your ears on their myspace from the EP is The End, which fittingly for The Things, sits midway through the EP. It's not supposed to be conformant. Completing the EP are 'Something new', something a bit older in 'Horror Movie', 'Going Home' and the serendipitously titled intro to the EP 'I Hate You', which you can listen to a live performance of on their myspace also. How about that for community service. The Things have come to steal your heart and give you butterflies... not. They're here to rock you over the top and rip off your soul in a lombast of horror-vision inspired rockn'roll theatre. Buy it. Now, where's my credit card got to...

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