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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Model Tourists - Wreckin' Some House

A random mention for Model Tourists who come from Wicklow, a band who seemingly started as a comedy/country outfit before amping up to meet the indie-pop-rock genre, but have held onto a healthy dose of fun attitude through that metamorphism. They cite bands such as The Strokes and Supergrass amongst their main influences now, though I hear shades of Modest Mouse and even The Monkeys in their package, in which light they remind me at times of a Chicago based band by the name of Outrageous Cherry. Anyway, enough comparisons, Model Tourists spiel that they set about to 'put into words all the magic, sadness, wonder, fear and general mayhem we see and help create every day, with a pinch of fiction thrown in for good measure', which doesn't really say much out of the ordinary, but then again, it doesn't need to. In the music, we get four tracks to stream 'Go Back and Change the Future', 'Wreckin Some House', 'Friendly Fire' and 'Miracle Ride', and a video to 'Go Back and Change the Future' with a lot of antics thrown in for good measure. If at times you find some bands in the music industry here can get a bit too deep about what they write, then you could find Model Tourists a breath of fresh air, wearing it all out on their sleeves, and an enjoyable listen at that. Choice track is 'Wreckin Some House'.

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