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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Poltergeist Records - Website Relaunch & Other News

A mention for the independent Irish label Poltergeist Records, who have recently relaunched their website, with some new releases happening over the next while. This will include two digital singles and an album re-issue from The Strangleberries, and also the release of an EP this autumn for Limerick musician Vertigo Smyth, a prospect with which they are naturally very excited about.

Poltergeist Records is of course home to the dreamy indie-pop of left-of-centre Dublin band The Terribles, fronted by Neassa who also runs up Poltergeist Records. The Terribles are recording a new release for this Autumn too and they'll also be re-issuing the last EP, Mistake:Do Over, out in the USA, so all systems go on the Poltergeist Records front at present. The Terribles have also been offered a licensing contract with Penny Distribution out in California and hearing from Neassa recently, they hope to tour the US within the next year...

"We'll probably be heading out that way for a tour, if not this year than next spring, being realistic about things. We've been gigging like mad recently though.. ..I'm just glad to be getting back in action after such a long time in hibernation."

So some great news on The Terribles front, and Poltergeist Records in general, and yes, it has been a long year in waiting. Expect some new gems from this awakening.

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