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Sunday, July 29, 2007

And then the dancers appeared...

Arising from the sea of myspace over a year ago, Red Dancers Cometh, hailing from Dublin, have quickly amassed a large online following in their myspace playground, and not surprisingly so. With an infectiously savage sound and a pretty unique outlay of chaotic alt-rock, they play it hard, loud and dark, and have been compared before to sounding like Queens of The Stone Age
turning south to tell tales from the scorched earth. It's quite an onslaught.

A recently uploaded track Lo-Fi Monastasism adds to growing list of impressive offerings available to stream from their myspace, including ominously dark titled tracks such as 'All of These Sins' and 'Made it my Soul'. It's rock that would have been made for The Book of Shadows - aka the soundtrack to the movie Blair Witch II, a soundtrack bookended by Godhead and the aforementioned QOTSA. Perhaps the Red Dancers Cometh will find their way into a similar soundtrack someday. It's music made for the horror genre. Although the band remain unsigned and the material remains unreleased, they've more than enough material in their arsenal to make a break for world domination now. Watch out, The Red Dancers Cometh...

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