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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Tokyo Rising

Apparently formed on a notion to create music which would have nothing much more to it than a catchy riff and a catchy beat, Tokyo Rising, from Kildare are already showing signs that they can deliver a good bit more than just that. They cite groups such as Rancid and The Strokes amongst their influences when it comes to up-tempo indie-rock, and of course if you want to take it back a lot further, you'll hear The Pixies footprint there too of course. The band are not gigging just yet, but on the evidence of their demos, it shouldn't be long before promoters of the underground scene here will be seeking out a piece of Tokyo Rising to make a live showing, Frequency-Ireland here included. They've a few demos available to download from their myspace, including High On Zhivago, Stop Spit Run and Stereo Killer, which although naturally rough at the edges as demos, are well worth checking out.

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