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Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Bonevilles - Hardtale Lurgan Blues EP

Limited to just 100 copies, The Bonevilles released their Hardtale Lurgan Blues EP last Monday 30th July on Motor Sounds Records. The material isn't new, with some of the tracks appearing previously on the Blood On The Scratchplate '65 garage compilation released a few years back (when they went under their former name of Motorsounds), but that doesn't make it any less of a collectors item to get hold of, and rather tastefully, each copy individually numbered by the band. The release also provides a timely reminder of what The Bonevilles are all about, with a new album set for release later this year.

Garage punk blues influenced by old amps and dodgy recording techniques, The Bonevilles are a duo from Northern Ireland who came south earlier this year to play Crawdaddy and are currently lining up for a number of UK appearances including The Future Of Blues festival in Bristol this September. They've had all the appraisals by the music press already, and described as 'a huge behemoth of a sound, unchained from the traditional structures, and allowed to wreak havoc on the eyes and ears of innocent bystanders', they deliver songs with grit and intensity that are hard, angry and relevant. The title track 'Hardtale Lurgan Blues' rolls through with frantic intensity, comfortably fitting the description of 'reinventing blues for those who grew up with punk and grunge'. Following through with a slower blues-rock slumber in 'Alabama Train' and a gritty free-rumbling instrumental in 'One More Nail outta Rock n Rolls Coffin', the EP closes on a high with 'Army Of One', an assault of emphatic punk-rock blues with a riff that doesn't let up and lifts the adrenalin undeterred. All encompassing, The Bonevilles borrow heavily on the spirit of old school garage, punk and blues, but are highly invigorating in doing so for those who appreciate the genre. 8/10.

The Hardtale Lurgan Blues EP can be purchased via the Motor Sounds Records website, as can the Blood On The Scratchplate '65 compilation. All tracks from the EP can be streamed from their myspace page. The forthcoming album, titled Good Suits and Fightin' Boots, is set to be released later this year.

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