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Thursday, August 23, 2007

No More Yesterdays - A Sin Of Omission

In general, the sin of omission, consisting as it does in a leaving out of good, is less grievous than a sin of commission which involves a positive taking up with evils. The sin of omission referred to here? Well, given a release which brisks through eight tracks in just over 20 minutes, outtakes in The Cut Throat Manifesto and Skinner Box Experiment previously reviewed here may appear to be unwarranted omissions, but without them we have quite a finely balanced release, offering brief windows into the minimalist post-rock world of No More Yesterdays.

Neatly bookended by line in (intro) and line out (outro), perhaps the most striking track is Sunshine, with voice-overs which account the threat which solar weather and coronal mass ejections cause to radio and satellite communications systems, providing ample headgear for those who are inclined to worry about world issues. Elsewhere, we have a predominantly instrumental release, minimalist and elegantly ambient, though backed with quite compulsive mechanical beats. As for shortcomings, tracks tend to be too short to allow the listener time to settle into them entirely, though a distinctive flow between the tracks helps overcome this. Respect Me Respect Yourself, a hidden bonus track, built on radio talk buried in static, and accompanied by a minimalist guitar melody is a simple but highly effective inclusion at the end. Overall, a release of interest to those who appreciate GSYBE inspired post-rock, but delivered minimalist and with coarse industrialised beats that pull it together rather nicely, and works well on repeat play. 7/10.

Tracks from A Sin of Omission can be streamed from the No More Yesterdays' myspace, where it can also be purchased via paypal. As for those who are curious about CME related phenomena, visit Space Weather.

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