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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sydney Parade - If You Ever

What does an icecream headache sound like? Apparently, its the Sydney Parade. If You Ever is to be the first release from them after a few years of toiling away in the back recesses of Dublin. Put out on independent record label Nomadd, they describe their sound as psychedelic indie powerpop, but deliver tight, polished off, and overtly exclamated. Where did it all go wrong?

Coming at us in shimmering panache, three songs, one sound, and echos of the 80's gloss rock in parts, the feed is on those parts that one usually tries to forget. For a band who "just want to write great songs" they are probably failing most for trying too hard. This is polished stadium-wanton indie rock played from your local garage neighbourhood, and for all the curiosity of paradox that runs as a lifeline through alternative music, this one just doesn't wash. 4/10.

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