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Monday, September 17, 2007

Bend This, Uri Geller!

Many musicians and song writers over the years have name checked paranormalist Uri Geller in their music, with an old favourite being from Johnny Cash, where in the song In Your Mind he puts Geller in his place, looking down at him in disbelief with "Eternity is down the hall, and you sit there bending spoons".

Minimalist indie-rock band Bend This Uri Geller are the most recent to join in the mick take on Geller's claim to fame. Some material available on their myspace is worth the visit, which besides the many influences from the home circuit, from Crayonsmith to Waiting Room listed, is actually quite comparable to the quieter moments of dEUS circa '96 (Gimme the Heat, Serpentine, Wake Me Up Before I Sleep). For their worth, the Dublin band take a refreshingly light approach to songwriting. The Innocent stands out amongst those streamable, quirky, rhythmic, melodic, it toys mock bewilderment with charm, but even in the lesser tracks there is something to smile to, with Pissin On A Road showing that with the right delivery one can write a song about just about anything and pull it off. Comedy rarely works well in music, but it does here. Just don't mention the cheese. 7/10.

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