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Friday, September 28, 2007

Painting By Numbers - Circuits EP

For some of us, painting by numbers was a useful aid in our early days of learning how to be creative. The numbers were our stabilisers. The page, our open world. Listening to Circuits, the latest EP by Painting By Numbers, one can't help but get the impression they take their name in an altogether different context.

Circuits is quite an accomplished piece of work, the title track to which applies the analogy of painting by numbers to a relationship which has regressed to just going through the motions "this chemistry is all just memories.. ..and you're counting on numbers now." It's a lyric quite typical of the band, whose approach to song writing has already earned them much appraisal in the music press here as both accomplished and engaging, comparisons drawn with Crowded House in delivery.

Musically, the tracks on Circuits are all quite consistently harmonious and jangly, with intricately woven melodies, and fronted with the quite crystalline vocals of Ronan McCann, will appeal to those who prefer mainstream indie-rock. The choice track here is Breaking Mirrors which shows the band have the ability to crack out a fuller indie-rock sound when they want to. The unsigned four piece, who formed just over two years ago, are currently embarking a nationwide tour for the run up to Christmas, with their EP now finding its way to most online stores. 7/10.

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