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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Revolution For Dogs - Shadow On The City

Following on from their début Let Yourself Go EP earlier this year, Revolution For Dogs released Shadow On The City this November as their second offering. Hard hitting infectious rock rhythms with a nod towards the leading lights of the Scandinavian hard rock wave of the late 90s, The Hellacopters and Gluecifier, for those longer in the tooth, the single may provide a stirring flash back to the sounds of everything from Judas Priest to Deep Purple.

Released on their own Revolution Records, Shadow On The City riffs out a rock n'roll unashamedly reaching for the stadiums. The b-side, Blondie, perhaps veers closer to Saxon territory with a laid back melodic breeze some may cringe and prefer to forget, though for all their variety, surely forgiven for the indulgence. Also streamable on their space currently is indie-rock veering Vampyre of the Soul and the more propulsive garage rock of Let Yourself Go from their earlier EP, which is available for download. Shadow On The City was released on 5th November, while all tracks are due to be included on a début album next year, Music Is Medicine. Among those who appreciate roots rock n'roll bearing influences spanning garage through to stadium hard rock, the album is surely to be well received.

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