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Sunday, October 21, 2007


It had a sense of discomfort about it but Verston, not being the kind to just up and run away went on a little further. He took a step into the house and could swear he heard whispered voices coming from the room on his right. So in he went bould as brass only to see a corpse wrapped in a bin liner...

While that story can be safely left to be completed by spirited Bebo friends of Verfiled, we've conscripted the band to displace The Bonevilles for the opening set at our upcoming Halloween Charity Gig. Opening for The Things and The Fewer The Better at Baker's Underground in Limerick this Saturday Oct 27th shortly after nightfall, we expect a fun night of demonic proportions, which should ensure our Samaritans benefactors have a Happy Halloween.

A band who are getting quite busy these days, Verfield have a four track EP out this October and also involve in the running of MILF at Daffy's Basement. Tracks streamable from their myspace include Light The Torches, themed on the mindset of a haunted soul, is delivered with alt-country jilted indie rock, is perhaps their most accomplished effort to date. Also on offer online is The Final Tear which builds from sparsity with touches of blues rock into quite coarse metallic riffage veering towards My Chemical Romance that shows enough distance from the mainstream to give Verfield the flag of note as more than just another band on the scene replicating the same old ideas. Add into this a gritty delivery of Until My Ears Bleed, which shades the boundaries between rock and metal, and we have more than enough foretaste here to suggest their EP should be quite a solid work.

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