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Sunday, November 18, 2007

We Should Be Dead - Forget Romance, Lets Dance

We should be excited... Forget Romance, Lets Dance is the soon to be released d├ębut single from Limerick band We Should Be Dead. Released later this month through indie label POP 4 POP, the single captures the essence of a band with nothing held back. For all the 60s girl fronted pop-rock bands who romanced on the leather and motorcycle stubble of the leader of the pack, We Should Be Dead take the romance and turn it upside down, infuse over it with Ramones style punk hooks, and give you a reason to forget and enjoy the moment in equal measure.

So it's poptastic and hooktastic and punktastic, and if you've any semblance of fun in you, of the passion and desire of bubblegum pop-punk, you'll be reaching to get a piece of We Should Be Dead here and now. The single is streamable from their space along with an equally impressive b-side in What Brings You Down which can be pre-ordered from 7Digital Indie Store. To ensure that WSBD get into your every crevice of conscience, and unconscience for that matter, band ringtones are also soon due to be made available for download to your phone. The official launch date for the single is November 30th, and with an album release now set for early February next year, the future is suddenly looking very promising for those from We Should Be Dead, and the resurrected sounds and spirit of a lost generation. 10.

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