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Monday, January 21, 2008

Sons Of Now - Dirty Money

It's simple straight forward no bullshit rock n'roll, and as it should be. Those familiar with the rock scene from Ireland over the past few years will know the Sons Of Now. Dirty Money is the latest offering, which can be tasted in all its angst and raw energy on their space as recorded live in Dublin recently.

Described before as having the devil-possessed poise of The White Strips, the Sons Of Now push out Dirty Money with a driving riff and a sneer from the gutter at the exposed to which The Cramps would have been proud of, baring all the that was infectious about punk inspired rock. A taster from the promise of a SHOTGUN EP, it is accompanied with Sell Your Soul and Into The Sun, also available from their space on the web, the former with a rabid propulsion that makes it the choice track of those on offer. And so that common theme seems to be an undercut at those exposed for a false profit on the soul, the material makes for a rousing punk inspired backlash, and one demanding our full attention at that. 7/10.

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