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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Floyd Soul & The Wolf - Welcome To The Woods Again

If you go down to the woods today... Taking influence from The Rolling Stones, Crazy Horse and Kings of Leon, Waterford rock outfit Floyd Soul & The Wolf start the new year preparing for their first single release. Prior to this, echoes of roots rock could be heard in some of the earlier material on their d├ębut, the 2006 Welcome To The Woods EP, particularly with Talk On The Rocks, a loose rumbling number all the way from the honkey tonk blues rock counties. In other tracks, Stonewalkin' and to a lesser extent I Am The Room, we catch shadows of a music life raised to and indulging in the sounds of Exile on Main Street.

Having brush-ins with garage/blues rock, filled with harmony and energy, and shoved through to some country-rock narcosis, its hardly surprising to hear that they've a producer coming over from Nashville to work with them on their single, to point them in the right direction, so to speak, before taking it back to Nashville for mixing and mastering. The omens are good. Given that their debut EP is a thoroughly enjoyable listen, one can wait in anticipation of another fine release.

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