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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

CANE 141 - Lost At Sea, Found At Moonpool

Alternative is perhaps the first word that comes to mind when one thinks of CANE 141. Although the works and concepts of Mike Smalle aka CANE 141 have most often been far off the radar of the music scene, CANE 141 has amassed a lot of respect in the alternative music press, and even more so in the sphere of the concept art community. Lost At Sea is of course the soundtrack CD of CANE 141 which found its way to the GraceSpace Gallery in Brooklyn NYC last year. As part of an audio/visual collaboration first exhibited in Galway at a festival in 2006, it applies the musical voyages of CANE 141 to the visual works of Roison Coyle, combining the beauty and struggle of the sea with the individual's response to it. It swathes somewhere between ethereal grey skies and a morning sea mist. Hmmmm.

Lush, ambient, obscure, CANE 141 electronica provides the mind an indulgence well worth the voyage through indirection. Lost At Sea washes perpetually under the narrative words of the commander, the musical journey taking you off course ensuring that the mind may be submissive to the minimalist subtleties of the album. Compared occasionally to ambient works such as those of Fennesz and Biosphere, the album has been described as beautiful and intriguing, and among the best records of its type last year. As an artist who has collaborated in the past with such musical luminaries as Mark Eitzel (American Music Club) Sean O'Hagan (The High Llamas/Microdisney/Stereolab) and Cristian Vogel of Super_Collider fame, this is hardly surprising. Some of the CANE 141 material can be experienced from the CANE 141 space, including the exceptional '1 to 10 and back again' from the highly acclaimed Moonpool 2005 album. As always, music to loose oneself in. 10.

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