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Monday, January 28, 2008

The Gandhis - Zaza

The Gandhis release their début single Zaza as a download on 8th Feb with a launch night in Radio City on the same day. A band whom allegedly don't subscribe to trends or images, one finds this wanton untrendy illusion quite an appetiser for a band who are sure to draw attention in the coming year.

And so it's time for some peaceful civil disobedience... Innovation is always the key to making a mark, and their quirky jazz-infused liltfull rock leaves one with the impression that they can and will do just that. Independent music inspired by all from The Beatles to The Buzzcocks, their music is quite instantly catchy in melody, yet is voyeuristic in delivery, with instrumentation as diverse as to include the banjo, the trumpet and the ukulele to fill out their sound. This is music which is right up entertainment street for one looking for, well, let's put it as a turn for the better. Zaza can be found out on their myspace page and website along with Guy Like Me, a promo demo which has already earned them significant airplay, a track which is quite a different kettle of soup, with the euphoria of The Beta Band on quite an overwhelming ration of deleriously happy peace burdened shrooms. 8/10.

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