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Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Revellions - Amped for a Point Break

Psychotic garage surf merchants The Revellions are primed for a debut album later this year after roughcasting their sound playing the circuit here and abroad over the past few years. Always raucous, primitive, and a touch off the rails, The Revellions play with that grit-edged garage sound of The Chocolate Watch Band and others of that ilk. An old school rampant garage rock found in recent track Walking Away, a highlight of the material available online, that claustrophobic paranoia of all from The Zombies to The Cramps can be heard, and even a touch of The Doors can be found within the swirling organ sounds of Have It All. While perhaps not one of a kind, even on the Dublin circuit, The Revellions do have it all.

With the band currently in the latter stages of mixing for their forthcoming debut album, expect the as yet unnamed works to see the light of day on this side of summer. Meanwhile, they can be caught live at the Amsterdam Beat Club in Dublin on 28th Febraury, and in London at The Dirty Water Club on 14th March.

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