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Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Discarded Retarded - Devils Tango

There's always that intangible fixation to chaos ridden punk, such is the case with Dublin amalgamation The Discarded Retarded. Listening in on the live material available for download from their space on the web, one finds enough reason to be hopeful of an interesting d├ębut release from them.

A shambolic avalanche of country-punk propulsion, Devils Tango, spun out by eight parts human and one part noise, is the main attraction thus far from the Dublin outfit, carrying more than enough momentum to make one want to join in and be a part of it all. The Devils Tango is surely an infectious one.

The band predominantly take their que from The Cramps, but there is also a lot of The Ramones, The Dead Kennedys, alcohol, sweat, drunken promises and base impulses in the mix. As a unit they have been on the go on the Dublin circuit for the past 18 months, with their next date set at The Acadamy in Dublin (formerly Spirit) on March 19th, and one can expect an Irish tour come the summer. As for a release, one may not have to wait all that long. Hearing from band member Liamtard recently - "We don't have anything released at the minute, but we're almost there, 4 songs have been recorded and just need some studio wizardry to lick them into shape and then hopefully we'll be able to get something out.. most likely as an independent release that you'll be able to get from here or some other music-type website as a download and then a proper CD to follow when we've built up some funds to finance it." Blending old-style rock and roll with sleazy gutter-drunk warblings, the Retards explode onto stages and fillet their audience with a visceral assault of edgy guitar melodies, with a distraction of harmony that only their big band mentality can provide. Recommended listens for those who love to revel in the chaos of it all - Dirty Shave, Hissing Of Arabs & Devils Tango.

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