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Monday, April 14, 2008

Minus Circus - Hide & Seek EP

02.10.07. The Sugar Club. Dublin. Although it was the launch gig for their Hide & Seek EP, the gig would be remembered as a farewell gig, for Gerry Scullion of Minus Circus was soon to pass through the departure gates. Australia beckoned.

Six months on, Dublin's loss is Sydney's gain, as Minus Circus frequent its venues instead, with wordsworth Gerry Scullion's fusion of acoustic rock into that indie rock format - the same core found in REM and Wilco on through to The Blue Nile.
Hide & Seek is a welcome reminder to those of us who miss the presence of Minus Circus on the local scene, of what makes it all that bit special.

In Good Soul/Bad Soul, which had also featured on the self-titled 2006 EP release, Gerry digs deep to explore his struggle with the darker side of his psyche, and sets the tone for an EP that refuses to sit too comfortably with the listener. In Revolve we have a vibrant pop-leaning track that enthuses in a bitter-sweet twist to an end of a relationship, while we are treated to a soft ballad in Hide & Seek, the title track of the EP, where the analogy to childhood is used to capture the struggle through the years of finding a soul mate. Rounding off the EP, an anthemic track in Hold On Tightly, echos the sounds of a broken man looking to find a new way forward.

It is altogether an engrossing EP well worth the attention of those who appreciate the merits of accessible indie-rock with a lyrical edge. In one of the tracks Gerry questions 'What's left to write that hasn't been written before, we've all lost a love and I think we know the score'. Fortunately, he always finds a new way to put it out there 'sometimes I look and stare right to the stars, I don't believe at all that all of mankind are from Mars'. With an album currently in the works, perhaps we will see Gerry return from exile with Minus Circus on its completion. 9/10.

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