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Tuesday, April 08, 2008


At first there were Towers and Timeclocks. The fuzz tone on, the noise loud and hard hitting, the voice heartfelt and emotional. Taking form from the post-punk of Gang of Four, a rock in the mould of Idlewild, and some of the sensitive lyrical meandering of The Cure, Echo Lawrence as they are now known set out with the lofty and admirable aim of becoming their own favourite band. They are cetainly going about it the right way.

A recent stint at home recordings over the holy weekend, sidestepping prayer for the benefit of music, Echo Lawrence have produced six songs from their current setlist which purportly retain all the energy of their live performances. Demo material of particular note now available online includes not just a sublime delivery of The Letter, but also the impressive harder hitting tracks of Into The Blue and Red Blink, while ballad My Lady In Blue touches through all the right spots without ever overstating itself. A band not to rest on their laurels, they are already continuing to work on further new material in preparation for some recording studio time in May, and one gets the impression that we will be hearing a lot more from Echo Lawrence as the year pans out for them. They can be caught live next at Eamon Dorans in Dublin on May 18th as part of the Garageland Showcase gigs. 8.

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