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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Frequency-Ireland: The New Testament

Just a snowstorm in a coffee cup, say your last goodbyes and I'll wake up. After almost five years in the wilderness, Frequency-Ireland is back.

Has it really been that long? This candy wordsmith of the alternative music scene in Ireland has resurrected in a new format, to coincide with the small matter of a few album releases. Yes, The Frequency-Ireland Music Alternative, is now a micro-label. You can find us (that is a royal We, of course) over at:

Venture forth and you will find debut album by Irish artist Thomas of the H'armageddon (that is me, your blogger companion) with Jackets for Goalposts, and what I hope you will take as a beguiling concept album, a cinematic journey through soul hope at your local mental asylum. It features a mix of original material and covers, the most striking of which is perhaps Flat Velocity Curve by brutish British band Prolapse, but on this occasion your music reviewer will politely decline from reviewing ones own material. You will also find we are a redistributer for a dreadful compilation album from a deservedly defunct record label, Quickstar Productions (US), which features yours truly, with a rendition of About You from that Scottish band, The Jesus and Mary Chain. If one finds the extra verse therein familiar, well then you know more than anyone else.

You will also find that we (there I go again) are now back writing the occasional music review, so do sneak over to our new blogspace for a few select words on sounds from the underground on Yee Emerald Isle:

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